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We treat any information you give us in strict confidence under the Data Protection Act 1998. It will never be possible to identify you or your answers from the survey results and these results are only ever used for research purposes. If you agree to our contacting you again, we may get in touch to ask you if you agree to our passing your name, address and date of birth to the National Health Service Central Register and Cancer Registry.

Who _uses _data _page _button2   The Government uses results from the survey to made decisions that improve public health and protect food safety. Results from the survey have led to public health campaigns such as Change4Life which encourages people to “Eat well, move more and live longer”. 
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Once results from the survey have been published by the Government, academics study these results for their own research purposes. Academics have looked at  number of interesting diet and nutrition issues, including how parental employment shapes children’s eating habits.