• How did you choose my address?
    We chose your address at random from the Postcode Address File. This file is held by the Post Office and is available to the public.
  • What does taking part involve?
    If you take part, the interviewer will ask you some questions and will give you a diary to record what you eat and drink. The information leaflet with this letter tells you more about the interview stage. The second part of the survey, if you agree, is a visit by a qualified nurse.
  • What will happen to any information I give?
    We will treat information you give in strict confidence under the Data Protection Act 1998. The information collected is used for statistical and research purposes only, and the published report will never include any names or addresses.
  • Do I receive anything for taking part?
    We will offer each person we interview a £30 gift card and personalised dietary feedback as a thank you.
  • What's it like to take part?
    People enjoy taking part in the survey, and we've had lots of positive feedback from participants on their experience: ‘I enjoyed finding out my child’s regular eating habits.’ • ‘The interviewer was very easy to talk to and friendly, we have kept in touch!’ • ‘I’ve been more conscious of what I’ve been eating over the last year or so, it was good to get some feedback.’ • ‘[I took part in NDNS as it is] not just for my good, but for the good of the people.’
  • Where can I find out more?
    You can email us on ndns@natcen.ac.uk or drop us a line using the freephone number 0800 652 4572.